Aircraft Hangars

No other building material works better for aircraft hangars than steel. The incredible strength of steel makes it ideal for hangars. Only steel framing is able to span such long distances without interior supports. Adel Steel‘s hangars can clear spans up to 150’ wide, and even wider spans are possible. Standard building heights are 40’, but even taller buildings are available. The strength of steel also provides added protection from high winds, fire, heavy snow, lightning, termites, and earthquakes. We can design hanger buildings to fit Bi-fold doors, hydraulic doors, and sliding doors per your requirements. We also can include fall protection systems, cranes, or mezzanine systems to your hanger building. We have buildings and openings to fit any size aircraft from a small single prop to jumbo jets. We can provide any specialized metal aircraft support building needed to accompany your hangar, including multi-purpose sfacilities, corporate offices, maintenance buildings, private jet terminals, and more.