A Typhoon Steel Building is not your average steel building.


Typhoon Steel Buildings are designed to last!  Our steel buildings are designed to protect what matters most whether that is your family, employees, or assets. Our steel buildings are over-designed to prevail against some of the worst conditions that mother nature can throw at it. 


  • Typhoon Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are designed to stand-up to the elements. 

  • Typhoon Steel Buildings are premium buildings of the highest quality and integrity, we over-design to exceed the standard. 

  • Each building comes standard: Risk Category III, Collateral Load 7 Pounds, Exposure-C   

  • Each building comes standard with a foundation designed & stamped by a professional engineer. 

  • All secondary steel,  “zees”, “cees”, come standard galvanized. Main frames are standard red primer or gray primer.

  • Insulation: roof standard sag and bag, and walls standard R-13.

  • Roof sheets 24 gauge PBR.

  • Wall sheets reverse PBR 24 gauge.

  • Building comes standard galvanized base channel.

  • Building comes standard with a base notch along with trim.

  • We only use high quality and durable Zacs roof screws to stand up to the weather.

  • Die-form ridge caps are standard.

  • All roof slopes Are 2/12 or greater to help speed water run-off.

  • No gutters are considered: standard eave trim only, optional gutter.

  • .5 Inch mastic for all roof sheets.

  • As noted above, all buildings come standard as risk category 3 for protection of what matters most to you.

  • As noted above, all buildings come standard as collateral load 7 pounds for HVAC, lighting, sprinklers, and ceiling loads.

  • As noted above, all buildings come standard with EXP: C for an added layer of protection against The wind.

  • Each building is wind rated 10 MPH above the building codes of your area to provide added peace of mind.  This building is designed by a certified engineer to ensure the highest quality possible for protecting life and property. 

Typhoon Buildings stand up to the weather!



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