Commercial Buildings

More business owners are choosing prefabricated commercial steel buildings for the construction of their retail stores, strip malls, mini-storage, office buildings, metal warehouses and distribution centers. Steel commercial buildings are far easier and faster to construct than conventional building materials and have superior strength. Adel Steel can customize the look of your building incorporating EIFS, stucco, wood, brick or block masonry, storefront while keeping the design simple and the building project affordable. Adel Steel buildings can be used for variety of purposes.

- Vehicle dealerships, auto repair shops, automated car washes, or tire stores
- Medical clinics
- Restaurants - Convenience stores.
- Low-rise office buildings
- Retail stores from boutiques and specialty shops to mega-sized ‘big box’ warehouse stores
- Self-storage facilities
- Veterinarian clinics and animal hospitals
- Wineries
- Boat rake storage with adjustable shelf height.
- And many more commercial applications