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Adel Steel Buildings are highly adaptable, designed to meet the diverse requirements of your industrial construction projects. Our prefabricated steel structures are ideal for a vast array of applications, including equipment storage, recycling centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, welding shops, meatpacking plants, processing units, sawmills, lumber yards, truck terminals, oil and gas facilities, industrial parks, and more.
Our experienced team is well-versed in designing and manufacturing steel industrial buildings, including metal warehouse buildings, crane buildings, waste recycling facilities, welding shops, buildings with mezzanines, and controlled environment utility buildings. Regardless of your project's complexity, we are capable of delivering a metal industrial building that comprehensively meets your needs.
Our pre-engineered industrial buildings can be custom-designed to integrate a variety of special features, such as insulated panels, firewalls, galvanized frame coatings, and any top running, underhung, or monorail crane. Each building is professionally certified by a licensed engineer for your state and ensures compliance with all your local building codes and deflection requirements.
When it comes to crane specifications, we've got you covered. We'll incorporate your specifications and engineer a building tailored to support the crane, its rails, and its maximum load capacity. Whether you need a monorail, bridge, jib, or gantry crane, we'll design your building to seamlessly integrate with your crane system. Trust Adel Steel Buildings for industrial buildings that strike the perfect balance between practicality, durability, and sophistication.

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