Retrofit Roofs

Retrofit roofs, reroofs, or roof-overs are something we can help you with no matter which one you need.
Retrofit-roofs: tend to be used more often than not over existing flat roofs to gain roof slope. The use of hat section gives the customer peace of mind as it will not expand, gain moisture, or allow the sheets attached to loosen under wind loads placed on the roof over time as other material does. The advantage of a roof build-up or retrofit is that you can add a roof slope as needed to change the looks, change the water flow, or get the water off of the structure quicker by adding roof slope to push the water off.
Retrofit-Roofs are cost affective as they will exceed the lifetime of other material, give peace of mind, and tend to cost less per square foot than most other material used.
Reroofs: is changing out the existing metal roof over existing Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. The customer can change over to other types of metal roofs, add insulation, or trims to change the appearances of the structure, help with heating or cooling cost, or lengthen the lifetime use of the structure.
Roof-Overs: As the name suggest, the existing roof remains as a new roof is applied over it as a way to prevent opening up the structure under the concern of exposer or damage to material stored in the structure. The new roof depending which type of roof over is used can be insulation, but caution should be applied to prevent a moisture problem, a variety of new sheets can be used, or trims used to change the appearance of the structure.
No-Matter which method you need or choose, you can know that the life time of your structure can be extended, that cost is usually less than conventional material, and steel sheeting and trim can stand up to the pressures placed on them by the environment or weather.
Also, weight on the structure is less with steel meeting the building code as other matters place added weight to structure and may not pass the building codes.