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There's no material more suited to constructing aircraft hangars than steel. Its exceptional strength and durability make it the ultimate choice for hangar structures. Capable of spanning vast distances without the need for interior supports, steel stands unrivaled. Adel Steel Buildings specializes in hangars capable of clearing spans up to 150' wide, and with our expertise, even wider spans are attainable.
While our standard building heights reach 40', we can easily accommodate requests for taller structures. Beyond its impressive strength, steel offers additional benefits including resistance against high winds, fire, heavy snow, lightning, termites, and earthquakes, providing an extra layer of protection for your valuable assets.
Adel Steel is adept at customizing hangar buildings to accommodate various types of doors as per your specific needs - be it Bi-fold doors, hydraulic doors, or sliding doors. We can also integrate fall protection systems, cranes, and mezzanine systems into your hangar building design. Regardless of your aircraft size, from compact single-prop planes to enormous jumbo jets, we ensure our buildings and openings are tailor-made to fit.
But we don't stop at hangars. We can also provide any specialized metal support structures required to complement your hangar. This includes versatile multi-purpose facilities, corporate offices, maintenance buildings, private jet terminals, and more. Trust Adel Steel Buildings to deliver superior quality, customized steel building solutions to meet all your aviation needs.

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